MBF - Pilot info

The 17th edition of the MoselBallonFiesta will take place from 14-16 August 2020.

Also this year, the run on the balloons' launch field was very high again. The SCHROEDER team is happy that we have found a way to welcome 85 teams as usual this year.

Our Balloon FIESTA on Saturday evening will take place in new premises this year. In the community centre in Schweich there will be enough space for up to 400 guests. For better planning we ask for your help. As in the past, the dinner for 4 persons is included in the entry fee. You are welcome to book as many guests as you like when you register. For organisational reasons, there will only be a small number of additional guest places for dinner.

We are looking forward to the new face of our evening event and wish you good luck & good land!