Schroeder Fire Balloons

Fuel cylinder manufacture

In this area we manufacture our fuel cylinder VA 50 and VA 70 with care and expert knowledge.

The manufacturing process:

- Metal sheets deep-drawn to form the cylinder bases and bosses to accommodate the valves and fittings are TIG welded together. Together with the stainless steel collars they form the cylinder tops.
- The bases of the cylinders are processed into stable standings using stainless steel sheets and thick-walled stainless steel tubes.
- The shells made from sheets of high grade annealed stainless steel which are cut and rolled into cylinders.
- These cylinders are then welded together with the tops and bases.
- After the welding the welding seams are checked using X-ray to ensure maximum safety.
- After satisfactory pressure testing carried out by the T?V, the fuel cylinders are fitted with the particular valves and fittings specified by the customer and pressure tested again.

Within the scope of the T?V-approvals, e.g. every 200th fuel cylinder is filled with water and subjected to a destructive hydrostatic test by continuous pressure increase. During this pressure test the cylinder will expand up to 1.6 times of its original size. The pressures achieved are around 75 to 85 bar (1088 to 1233 psi).

Illustration Gasbehälter-Herstellung
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