Schroeder Fire Balloons

Sewing hall

The sewing hall is the actual heart of the company.

Here, 14 seamstresses work, sometimes all at the same time, on 5 balloons. A balloon envelope consists of up to 672 segments (approx. 1200 m2 or 13 000 sq ft) so a perfect organisation is essential.
First, the individual panels and the artwork are cut and sewed together. Then the segments are put together to gores.

In the next step, these, sometimes up to 40 metres (130 ft) long fabric gores are sewn together. Now the envelope is closed. Loops for the parachute and the turning vents are sewn in, the flying wires are attached and tested. When the envelope is inflated in the rigging hall, the parachute and the operating lines are installed.

Illustration Nähhalle
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