Successes and Records

German records 2010

Two new German long-distance records (certainly in SCHROEDER balloons with double coating) On 02.03.2010 Frank Wilbert and Sebastian H?lz flew a new German record in class AX 9 witz 826 km in the context of the Th?ringer Wald Weitfahrt, from the sports field in Alkersleben/D to Libiny in Poland in 9h 13'. Therewith they won the 5. Th?ringer Wald Pokal and the German-Cup. Congratulation!

And the day after, on 03.03.2010 Hans Kordel and Leo Ersfeld flew a new German record in class AX 10 with 879 km from Reichenbach/D to Ucuris in Rumania.

Frank Wilbert - new Record 27.10.2010

Congratulations to Frank Wilbert for setting another record in a hot air balloon. After his first long distance record in March this year in a class AX 9, he was setting a new German record in duration flight on the 13th of October 2010 in the same class again with his ?Black Pearl? , a 3600 m? fire balloons G-Type envelope with double coating. In the very early morning at 06:02 a.m. he took off in Langenlonsheim, a village not far away from the cities of Mainz and Frankfurt. He flew 13 hours and 11 minutes in an average altitude of around 5000 ft above sea level. After 302 km linear distance he landed safely close to Magnicourt/France. A detailed report and the record registration are in process. What will be his next project? Let us be taken by surprise.

Made in Germany for Abu Dhabi

For the Independance Day of the United Arabic Emirates we manufactured four new balloons showing the faces of the Sheik Highnesses and the world famous Emirates Palace.

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