The envelope - quality ensures a long lifespan

For more than three decades, our envelopes have been in great demand, thanks to the best and most durable quality and perfect workmanship down to the smallest detail. Nylon fabrics stand for safety and low gas consumption with a small and flexible packing size. Our approved samples start at a volume of 1.200 m³ and reach up to a giant of 12.500 m³.

Mistral - the sports balloon

Due to the optimized shape of the mistral an extremely fast climbing and falling is possible, with maximum stability. You reach the desired ride height in no time at all and with the lightness of a feather you can feel the slightest changes in direction.

The Mistral takes you the fastest way to your destination.

The advertising balloon ...

... and not only the sky belongs to your brand!

Advertising in digital media is commonplace and is now often faded out. With SCHROEDER hot air balloons your advertising message becomes a spectacular event.

Sports events, music festivals and folk festivals with thousands of spectators offer your brand a very special platform. A glowing balloon magically attracts the eyes of young and old and makes your company shine ...

The passenger balloon ...

... the most beautiful way to walk and share the feeling of absolute freedom with friends.

For commercial ballooning, SCHROEDER fire balloons offers balloon up to a current volume of 12.500 m³. In addition to the pilot, the balloon can carry up to 26 passengers.

Secial shape ....

...we shape fun! The special attraction among the hot-air balloons are the special shapes. SCHROEDER fire balloons lets one's imagination run wild. The funny special shapes are a giant spectacle for young and old, thousands of these creations are always under their spell. Construction and manufacturing require a lot of professional know-how and extreme care. We make your visions and dreams come true.

Gallery - Special shape