The basket - highest quality for highest safety.

Selected materials and the greatest care in craftsmanship are a matter of course with our baskets. The well-thought-out construction consists of a multi-layered glued multiplex base frame and high-quality Peddig wickerwork. The combination with a non-slip multiplex floor plate provides maximum protection for you and your passengers. On request, our baskets are also available with a shock-absorbing floor mat.

Our baskets offer a maximum of flexibility and therefore space for your wishes.

Competition and travel basket

The lightweight basket is available up to basket size M5. Specially developed for competition and as a travel basket, it offers optimum conditions.

Size M2: External dimensions 95 x 115 cm,
height of basket top frame 112 cm, 2 persons, weight 37 kg
Size M3: External dimensions 100 x 130 cm,
height of basket top frame 112 cm, 3 persons, weight: 43 kg
Size M5: External dimensions 125 x 175 cm,
height of basket top frame 112 cm, 5 persons, weight: 67 kg

The balloon basket

The balloon basket for all pilots who rely on maximum safety and longevity. The interior can be adapted to the customer's wishes with any combination of leather and bags.

Available in basket sizes IV to VI.

The passenger basket

In the baskets specially designed for commercial ballooning, padded partitions ensure maximum safety for all passengers. Of course, we also realise your individual wishes when dividing and equipping the baskets. A variety of materials and colours is available.

Size VII/7: Outer dimensions 145 x 215 cm, parapet height 110 cm,
7 persons, weight approx. 140 kg
Size VIII/8: Outer dimensions 245 x 145 cm, parapet height 110 cm,
8 persons, weight approx.150 kg
Size VIII/9: Outer dimensions 145 x 260 cm, parapet height 110 cm,
9 persons, weight: approx. 200 kg
Size IX/11: Outer dimensions 150 x 275 cm, parapet height 110 cm,
11 persons, weight: approx. 230 kg
Size X/13: Outer dimensions 170 x 300 cm, parapet height 110 cm,
13 persons, weight: approx. 260 kg
Size X/15: Outer dimensions 170 x 300 cm, parapet height 110 cm,
15 persons, weight: approx. 265 kg
Size XII/19: Outer dimensions 365 x 165 - 380 x 180 cm, parapet 110 cm,
19 persons, weight: approx. 400 kg
Size XII/23: Outer dimensions 425 x 165 - 440 x 180 cm, parapet 110 cm,
23 persons, weight: approx. 420 kg
Size XII/27: Outer dimensions 485 x 165 - 500 x 180 cm, parapet 110 cm,
27 persons, weight: approx. 420 kg.

Basket with door for more comfort

Passengers can not only get in comfortably, they can also take a sporty seat in the Sparco chair. Doors, removable partitions & seats are now available for many SCHROEDER fire balloons basket sizes.