SCHROEDER fire balloons - FB 7

Lighter, quieter, stronger ...

The FB 7 burner convinces at any gas pressure with its enormous performance, without annoying condensation water. Maximum safety through consistent equipment with double-chamber valves. Reduced dimensions and a lower net weight are the result of lightweight construction and shape optimization. Despite a significantly higher output of 4,000 hp per burner pot, noise emission values have also been reduced. Quieter does not mean weaker - the double burner thus has over 8,000 hp kite fire!

Like its predecessor, the FB 7 is equipped with a start burner, which offers the pilot optimum upgrade and operating possibilities. The ergonomically shaped handle bar allows comfortable and easy operation. A standard height adjustment in the stainless steel frame, optionally supported by a gas pressure spring, completes the equipment.

Innovative technology and quality make this burner the top premium engine.

As double or triple burner. As proven dual hose and NEW single hose system.

TWO-Tube system

SCHROEDER fire balloons relies on the two-tube system for flight safety. The pilot flame is fed from the vapour phase of the fuel tank with a separate line. Impurities in the gas settle on the bottom of the bottle via the liquid portion. A blockage of the pilot flame valve is thus practically impossible. In the case of high-altitude flights, the controllability of the pilot flame via the master connection on the bottle has also proved its worth.

SINGLE-tube system

The SCHROEDER single tube system - as a supplement to the proven double tube variant - was developed with the usual quality and precision and can only be recognised from the outside by the "absence" of the second hose. The burner convinces with its unchanged advantages: free of condensation water, quiet and yet powerful.

The SCHROEDER single-hose burner will be available at the end of 2019.