The combination consists of radio KRT2 with 8,33Khz grid as well as a 250 Watt transmitting transponder KTX Mode S in a stable metal housing, 7 Ah battery for a long operating time at a weight of just under 4,7kg and the dimensions 240 x 90 x 230mm WDH.

The equipment includes a loudspeaker microphone, an insulated spring band steel antenna, a transponder antenna and a charger. Of course there is also a padded basket bag available for the combination.


One kick is enough to change from driving to starting position with automatic wheel brake. Another invention by SCHROEDER fire balloons that has been copied many times. The frame and grid construction guarantees low vibration and thus a long service life. The 9- or 13-horsepower Hondamotor with its propeller made of glass fibre reinforced plastic ensures strong wind pressure in the envelope. Alternatively, we offer a high-performance carbon propeller for even greater air performance and stronger pressure. And of course the frame of the ventilator is made of stainless steel.


The AIRPUSHER makes packing of the envelope much easier and more comfortable. With 2 people, the hot air can be quickly pushed out of the balloon. Available in sizes from 1,800 to 5,000 m³ and 5,000 to 8,500 m³, made of high-quality stainless steel, powder-coated in many bright colors available.

Flytec balloon 4

The successor of the FLYTEC 6040 offers the graphical display and storage of wind direction and speeds at different altitudes. The GPS information shows position, course and speed over ground. The device offers display and information of no-fly zones. The extensive flight software enables a detailed evaluation of every balloon flight with display in Google Earth. The built-in battery charger enables optimal battery management.

The instrument offers a simple and high operating comfort: switch on and all relevant information for the balloon pilot is displayed.

Height (optional m/ft/FL)
QNH (hPa/in Hg)
Vertical velocity (m/s/fpm), graphical and numerical
Horizontal speed (km/h/mph)
Time (24h/12h) & flight time
Course graphically and numerically in degrees
Distance (km/mile) and direction to launch site
Hull temperature (°C/°F)
Maximum envelope temperature (°C/°F)
TT34: ID, reception quality, battery status
GPS: Current position, number of received satellites

DigiTool DBI3

The DBI3 has a metal case, a Bluetooth and a GPS antenna. It also has a rotary switch that ensures safe driving when the DBI3 is completely disconnected from the battery.

Functions include altimeter, variometer and temperature displays, as well as a flight timer, audio alarms and an integrated GPS with ground track and speed display. The DBI3 also has a built-in flash memory that can store up to 10,000 hours of recoverable flight data. The DBI3 is powered by an integrated LiPo battery that lasts up to 12 hours per charge; no replaceable batteries are required. The DBI3 is FAA/EASA approved.